About us

Public Libraries New South Wales

Public Libraries New South Wales (PLNSW) represents the interests of public libraries and their users throughout New South Wales. Currently it has 120 members comprising 105 local government authorities and 15 regional library services.

The Association has a vital interest in improving library services and access to information resources for all people living in New South Wales through a range of initiatives, joint ventures and partnerships.

To ensure that all areas of NSW are able to participate in the association, PLNSW is divided into 5 Zones:

  • Central East
  • Central West
  • North East
  • South East
  • South West

This arrangement ensures that all Council/Library voices are heard and that all communities benefit from the work of the organisation.

Our Vision

Championing the creation of a new future for NSW public libraries

Our Mission

Strengthening NSW public libraries engagement with councils, governments and communities

Our Values

Integrity, equity and quality of representation

A Chronology of Events Leading to the Formation of
Public Libraries New South Wales

Open Letter re formation of PLNSW 18.03.11